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Advisory Board and Executive Committee

CDECF has legally elected a Board of Directors, Advisory Committee and Executive Committee. The general assembly elects the Executive Committee and formulates annual plans and programs along with budget which is responsible for ensuring that the plans and programs are being carried out effectively.

The Advisory Board supervises and extends professional inputs to the program and assists in developing public relations with other national and international professional agencies.

The Executive Committee comprises with thirteen members including five female and eight male and all of them are elected through a democratic process. In the committee, three members represents from Janajati group and a member from Dalit. The members of Executive Committee totally belong to rural people of Sindhupalchowk district and dedicated to development of Sindhupalchowk district. The general assembly meets every year and the Executive Committee meets regularly to discuss and review on-going and project activities.

Executive Board

  1. Mr. Sarada Prasad Sapkota, Chairperson
  2. Mr. Ramji Thapa, Vice-chairperson
  3. Mr. Sudharsan Adhikari, General Secretary
  4. Mr. Madhav Sapkota, Secretary
  5. Ms. Kalpana Chalise, Treasurer
  6. Ms. Sanchamaya Tamang, Member
  7. Mr. Babu Ram Lama, Member
  8. Ms. Lal Kumari Adhikari, Member
  9. Mr. Gopal B.K., Member
  10. Ms. Tara Bhattarai, Member
  11. Mr. Surya Nath Acharya, Member
  12. Ms. Radhika Timilsina, Member
  13. Mr. Chakra Bahadur Shahi, Member

Advisory Board

  1. Mr. Murari Sapkota, Coordinator
  2. Dr. Govinda Basnet, Member
  3. Mr. Upendra Man Shakya, Member
  4. Ms. Sannani Acharya, Member
  5. Mr. Purna Bahadur Danuwar, Member
  6. Mr. Megh Nath Bhattarai, Member
  7. Mr. Dal Bahadur Sapkota, Member

Internal Audit Committee

  1. Mr. Rajan Sapkota, Coordinator
  2. Mr. Prakash Chaulagai, Member
  3. Mr. Keshab Prasad Sapkota, Member