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Integrated Reproductive Health and Microfinance Project

It was first launched on 12 VDCs of Sindhupalchowk during 2007 to 2010 and is shifted to next 10 VDCs (Baramchi, Batase, Golche, Lisankhu, Nawalpur, Phulpingdada, Sangachowk, Selang, Sunkhani and Thokarpa) from July, 2011 to June, 2014. The main objective is to improve the use of sexual and reproductive health services for the population of 10 rural VDCs of Sindhupalchowk district within the next 3 years in order to contribute to the reduction of maternal and neonatal mortality.

Under this project there is the provision of building infrastructures and providing equipments as necessary to the existing Sub/Health Posts for increasing health service availability to poor and deprived communities. Regular technical support is provided for initiating and strengthening sustainable health practices. Obstetric Emergency fund is established in each VDC with the aim of providing the fund to the women during emergency in pregnancy, delivery or post-partum period and to the newborn while in health emergency to reach the health facility in time. Training programs are organized for Female Community Health Volunteers on Safe motherhood and on-site coaching to health facility staffs is also given on skills development for safe pregnancy and infants’ health.

Similarly, women groups are formed in different places of every VDCs where regular reproductive health and microfinance classes are carried out by community facilitators. Sensitization and awareness generation campaigns are also organized in VDC level. New women's saving and credit cooperatives are formed in 6 project VDCs while it works in coordination with existing cooperatives in Thokarpa, Nawalpur, Batase and Phulpingdada. Revolving fund has been established to cooperatives to empower women economically by lending the loan to the women for the income generating activities.The project is carried out under financial and health technical support from MDM France and technical support for microfinance is provided by Center for Microfinance (CMF), Nepal. The activities are carried out in close coordination with District Health Office, Sindhupalchowk.